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Since childhood I have had occasional experiences of Deja Vu, where it seems that every aspect of a moment in time is an exact repeat of something I have previously experienced. The Crosby, Stills & Nash song and album of the same name was a favorite of mine as it gave me some sense that I was not alone in this experience. Through many decades of meditation practice, I was convinced that it was a glimpse into the inherent timelessness and Oneness of all creation, giving the experience a spiritual overtone.

This past week, the experience took on a whole new character when it started while I was on a cell phone call with a work colleague from my screened porch at home. As was typical, I began losing the ability to communicate, even though I was still conscious. I remember saying “OK” several times, but the next thing I knew I was talking to Emergency Medical Technicians and getting whisked by ambulance to Mission Hospitals here in Asheville.

Luckily my colleague, author, Melanie Polkosky is a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology and a Speech Language Pathologist. She recognized something was wrong, stayed on the call and got our company HR Director to contact 911. The ambulance was arriving in less than 30 minutes from the start of the blackout.

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That was on Monday afternoon, and I spent the next 4 days in hospital undergoing EEG, MRI brain scans and CT scans. This all culminated in having a Vertebroplasty procedure to repair compression fractures in two vertebra from falling during the blackout, and diagnosis of a petit mal seizure of which the Deja Vu experience is considered the “halo” or precursor.

Well, it’s good to know what’s been going on a few times each year for most of my life, and be able to take advantage of the best of medical technologies to prevent further complications or occurrences. It’s also turning out to be a wake up call of how sacred and special life is, and the importance of setting my priorities to what matters most to me (emphasis on ME).

nature, close-up, intimate nature, ferns, green, bokeh, impressionistic

The images in this post were taken the morning after returning home, spending several blissful hours in my own backyard doing what matters to me the most — connecting with, visualizing and capturing the mysterious beauty of the Natural world on camera. Somehow, I feel the experience has given me a deeper connection, and a better hit ratio in capturing the inner Spirit of Nature in the frame of my images. I’m interested to hear if these images speak to my readers as they do me.

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