Historic Charleston in Infrared

Charleston, historic, tourism, travel, infrared

This week, I’m sharing a few favorite images made in the historic downtown area of Charleston with my infrared-converted Fuji X-E2 mirrorless camera. Our trip in early March was with fellow photographers, Steve and Jenny Johnston, who live in Charlotte NC, and travel often to the Charleston area.

The featured image is a Bed & Breakfast at 2 Meeting Street, the corner of South Battery. It turns out that the house is owned by distant relatives of Steve’s, having been purchased in 1946 by his great Aunt and transferred to one of her nephews when she died in 1981. To make it even more interesting, Steve and Jenny spent the first night of their honeymoon at the B&B!

I wanted to capture an image of the house that conveyed a feeling of Charleston tourism and history. By waiting patiently, I finally got my chance when a couple paused at the corner to check their map simultaneously with one of the many horse-drawn carriages coming into the scene.

I’ve been thinking lately about ways we can draw our viewer into our images and hold their attention. I find that I am drawn to photos that tell a bit of story, or provide elements to spark my imagination. Even in many of my Nature images, I try to include sufficient context around the hero, or main subject to give the viewer an imaginary world they can step into.

Charleston, historic, tourism, travel, cemetery, infrared

If you are at all involved in putting your artistry out into the world via online or print media, you no doubt have learned how valuable story can be in building and sustaining a following.

I’m working to do the same with my blog and photo gallery site! I hope you will subscribe via the signup form on the Home page, or at the end of this post. I welcome your comments in the form at the end of each post as well. Do you find the photos in this post give you something to spark your imagination, or give you a sense of being there?

Charleston, street scene, historic, tourism, travel, infrared

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Seeing Between the Lines

sunrise, pier, seascape, ocean, waves, Folly Beach, orange

The four images in this post center around a visual metaphor of seeing — or reading — between the lines. They were all taken in March of this year during a photo excursion to Charleston SC, one of our favorite destinations in the Southeast. In each case, the strong, vertical lines helped define the open spaces and give them meaning. I worked each image to position the trees, or posts in the case of the pier, to give them purpose and integrate them in a balanced way with the scene they helped define.

seascape, Botany Bay, Charleston, South Carolina, landscape, palm trees, surf, long exposure, sky, infrared, B&W

I often think about how we choose our path in life, both in the long term and in decisions we make in almost every moment. As creative human beings we have so many choices available to us, and to the extent that we are able to transcend limited ways of thinking, feeling and acting, we are able to create what we truly desire.

Magnolia Plantation, cypress swamp, cypress, swamp, duckweed, green, pathway

Surely, there is a journey to traverse, and time for things to come to fruition. But if we are able to consciously see between the lines of what we want and don’t want, following our inner guidance, or as Joseph Campbell advised, “follow your bliss” — then we are much more likely to have confidence in our decisions, enjoy the journey and reach the destination we had in mind, or perhaps something even better!

cypress, cypress swamp, swamp, green, trees, Magnolia Plantation