A Sense of Place – Mississippi Farmland

A Sense of Place – Mississippi Farmland

While visiting family in Oxford Mississippi over the Christmas and New Year Holidays I drove past a farm field one day and made a mental note to come back  with my infrared-converted Fuji X-E2 to capture the feel of the place. A few days later, the late afternoon sky clouded over with a passing storm. Dramatic skies always make for more interesting images, so I rushed out to see what I could do with the sky and the farm field.

The ancient oak above was my first subject, and I couldn’t help but feel gratitude to the previous generations of farmers who had the sensitivity to leave the tree in the middle of their field.

I continued to explore ways of connecting with the feeling and spirit of the oak. The vortex image created with quick spin of the camera during a slow shutter speed conveyed to me a further sense of it’s power.

oak tree, motion blur, black & white, vortex, farmland, Mississippi

Across the road that ran through the center of the field, was a line of trees backlit with an even more dramatic sky to accent their sentinel-like character.






















This last image is more about the sky than the field, but for me, conveys a sense of place and relationship between the land and sky in the Mississippi farm land.