Life in the Sales Lane

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In photography, the frame of view makes a world of difference what the image conveys and the impact to the viewer. Similarly, in life, our frame of reference – or context – makes all the difference in what we perceive and how we interact with the world around us. I have found this to be especially true in my sales career, and I expect this relates to any career or avocation you may have.

So, what is the context within which you engage in your chosen profession or hobbies?

This may seem “self-centered” at first glance, but I have found the more I know about my deeper reality as a human being, the more I have opened up to love and appreciate the world around me, including my human family and all life on the planet.

For me, “life in the sales lane” has been greatly enriched by seeking and finding answers (at least provisional ones!) to the core questions of life and human existence. For starters, what kind of answers do you get when you ask yourself these questions: Who and What am I? What does it mean to be a human being? Is there a purpose to life and if so, how does it express itself in my life?

Perhaps you have found answers to these questions through your religious practice, or philosophical exploration. If so, do they really work for you? Have they become answers that you own, and naturally live? Have they become rigid, constricting, or led to divisiveness in life relations. Or do your questions and the answers that come to you help you live in love with life and open to new possibilities? Do they lead to greater success and balance in personal and professional life?

Whether or not you have formulated or been gifted with your own personal answers to similar questions, there is transformational power in asking them with an open, inquisitive mind and heart. Even glimpses into personal answers will expand the context within which you engage in life relationships, play and profession.

Sometimes the most impactful answers to our self-inquiries come in unexpected moments. Its not always in moments of meditation, silence, or “down time”. For me inspirations and insights often come in the midst of  my “life in the sales lane”. Are you listening to your inner voice? It may be speaking to you ever so quietly. Don’t miss the cues!