Clarity in Business & Sales Relationships

closeup, nature, macro, green, agave, flora, plants, cactus, thorn, point, pointedMy friend Jim came to dinner last evening, affording an opportunity to get clarification on his comment to my recent blog post. He had commented, “You describe an ideal situation where both you and the buyer are clear, confident and self-assured enough and personally empowered by their employer to make a decision…….I found selling much easier in this setting. The challenge is to find it in a prospect company.” I wasn’t sure what I had said in previous posts that indicated it’s necessary to have an ideal prospect in order to get to the ‘soul of the sale’. Jim is a retired B2B insurance salesman, so I was interested to get his feedback.

Jim described his experience in dealing with prospects who are so wrapped up in their own personal situation that it is all but impossible to ‘get through to them’. For him, active listening and related techniques didn’t always work. Sales is about results, so following the soul of the sale ideals may not get you there.

Well that got my juices flowing! It is especially the challenging situations with disempowered or preoccupied prospects where a connection with the soul level transforms the sales process. Here are a few soul of the sale principles that will surely come up in future blog posts:

Creativity: transformational sales are created, not made; be a sales creator

Leadership: don’t ask others to change; change yourself

Attachment: prospects feel the tentacles of your attachment; set them free

Renewal: people sense how you perceive them; suspend judgment and be present to the moment

Intent: pure intent opens the door to productive exchange; be of service

Trust: doubts undermine agreement; know your product and build trust through transparency

Yoga: divergent points of view are part of life; don’t argue, find the unity in diversity

So, the core principles of the soul of the sale make an easy to remember acronym: CLARITY.