Not Quite Monet’s Garden

Not Quite Monet’s Garden

When my wife, Bonnie and I started creating a semblance of permaculture design on our new 1 acre property in 2005, we took the advice of a local landscaper whose philosophy was to plant only food-bearing plants and trees. He wasn’t big on flowers other than those that just happened to come along with fruit-bearing trees! We planted 2-3 each of trees and bushes like blueberry, cherry, elderberry, goumi berry, apple, and more recently adding a couple serviceberry trees (scientific name of Amelanchier) to the mix.

That’s been great for adding food sources to our palate. But as we began to get more deeply into photography, our philosophy has shifted to planting more and more flowers, both perennials and annuals. These make great subjects to satisfy our appetite for closeup and macro photography, a different kind of hunger that the berry trees didn’t touch! That’s not to mention the obvious benefit to our ecosystem by attracting bees and other pollinators to our growing “plantation”.

Each spring and summer we add to the landscaping mix of flowers and find newer varieties of color, shape and drama blossoming right here in our own backyard. It makes it much easier to satisfy the daily urge to pick up the camera and make some pictures without having to wait until the weekend of a work week when we have time to drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway or elsewhere in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina where we live.

We’ll never approach the beauty and variety of Monet’s garden at Giverny, but for us it’s an increasing source of inspiration and subject matter for our photography passion.

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