Connecting to the Soul of Your Business

Connecting to the Soul of Your Business

Every business has a soul. It’s the spark of energy and light that birthed the business and sustains its growth. It’s the passion that inspires its owner and employees and attracts its customers. It’s the core values that connect the business with its customers and suppliers and give it purpose and life. It’s the essence of its products and services that shape its place in the market and guide the creation of new products and services; keeping pace with changing customer desires and goals.

When a company loses touch with its soul, it begins to wander without understanding its core strengths; failing to hit the mark with new products or services. The spark of life that connected the business offerings with the soul of its customers begins to fade; leading to loss of loyalty and market share. Employees become uncertain of the company’s direction and find it challenging to remain inspired about products and services that are no longer in touch with the changing desires of its customers.

The soul of your business is it’s life blood, it’s heart, and it’s intellect all cohesively connected in a balanced whole. The soul of your business exists quietly in the background supporting the company, but its real power comes forward when the company leaders and employees connect consciously with the holistic soul of the company and are guided by its vision and purpose. All the company’s creations will then embody that spirit, empowering the employees, products and services with an attractive force that prospects and customers see and feel. The company’s stride is confident and nimble. If it stumbles, it regains its step with grace and humility. Such a company is responsive to its employees contributions and inspires their greater achievement. It is responsive to customer’s input and follows through with action to stay current. It practices what it preaches.

The soulful business anticipates the desires of its market and customers, creating sustained value throughout its relationships. The spark of life that gave birth to the company is present in every breath of its employees and in the pulse of their actions. That spark sustains the company’s growth and fuels its daily activities. It informs the core values and ensures their connection to its customers as well as the greater purpose of human life and the life of the Universe.

Tony Hsieh, has done this very successfully in creating a culture of delivering happiness at Check out this YouTube video for more inspiration: