What is your why?

sunset, blue ridge mountains, North Carolina, BRP, Blueridge Parkway, evening, mountains, vista, blues, pinks, clouds, sunburst, god-light, rays

Do you know why you’re selling?
and why you’re selling
what you’re selling?

Could it be just an excuse to connect?
to connect with the bigger
Presence of who you are
in the guise of your customer?

What if the selling game
and its myriad of trappings
its libraries of pontifications
and prognostications

Its endless arrays of techniques
and, God forbid, the scripts
that guarantee unlimited success…

What if the entire galaxy of
sales and selling practices
were simply another of Life’s ways
to express its wonder of Being

Its utter amazement at discovering its own expression
in the emotions, the dreams, the losses and wins
of you the salesman, and you the customer?